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Is It Worth It To Buy a Photo Printer?

If you want hard copies of your photos, you have three primary options: you can choose to have them printed by a retail location or online company that offers photo prints, or you can print them at home using your own photo printer. Both options have different benefits, but when is it worth it to purchase a photo printer?

Photo Printer

How to Photograph a Red Carpet Event: A Step By Step Guide

Red carpet photographers usually have about 10 seconds or less to capture a perfect picture, so they have to act quickly and flawlessly. Some red carpet events will also have a step-and-repeat. It’s where each guest steps onto a specific location and poses in front of a backdrop and leaves. Then, the next person walks over and repeats the process.

Red Carpet

How To Take Long Exposure Photos On iPhone?

Some individuals may think that it is impossible to shoot events with an iPhone, let alone using it for long exposure. However, there are ways to receive a great long exposure photo on your iPhone with help.

You can take long exposure photos on an iPhone with the help of different apps. These apps will help present a better lighting situation with the guidance of the camera’s shutter. Gaining help from a tripod and other accessories will allow you to grab the perfect long exposure photo that you want.

Long Exposure iphone

Why your iPhone Photos are Black and What to Do

One of the most popular features on an iPhone is its ability to take great pictures. That is why it is so frustrating when the photos on your iPhone turn out black. Why does this happen and what do you do to fix it?

Your iPhone photos are black due to issues either with your phone or your internet connection. To know what to do and how to fix your black iPhone photos, you need to first find where the problem starts.

Black Mobile Photos

Can You Shoot a Wedding with a Crop Sensor?

For an up and coming professional photographer, wedding photography is pretty much your bread and butter. It’s a good way to get started, demand is high, and you will frequently get started with friends and family members, or contacts you meet through those sources. A common question asked is if you can shoot a wedding with a crop sensor or not.

Crop Sensor for Events

How To Loosen Up A Stiff Lens In 5 Steps

A tight lens can slow down shooting, cause issues with focus, and could be a signifier of larger issues. Luckily, stiff lenses are a fairly common issue and a few simple steps can be taken to fix the issue most of the time.

Loosening a Stiff Lens

What Does an Event Manager Do?

You’ve heard of event planners and event managers before… but you’ve never really taken the time to ask yourself (or someone of that profession) what it is exactly that they do!

What does an events manager do

How to get into event photography: 4 places to look for jobs

Getting into event photography can be challenging. However, if you have the right equipment and a strong desire to achieve your dream, then you’ll also need to know how to find new clients. Regardless of where you plan to work, you’ll need to know how to approach and communicate with potential employers.

Event Photography: Getting Started

So Your Camera Lens Got Wet—Now What?

Who doesn’t love taking pictures by the water? There’s beautiful backdrops, and the lighting and colors frame the shots wonderfully. However, you run the risk of getting your camera wet. What happens when your camera lens gets wet?

Camera Got Wet How To Fix

Megapixels, Megabytes and Resolution: What's The Difference?

Megapixels, megabytes, and resolution are confusing terms for someone new to technology or digital cameras. Often, they seem like they talk about the same thing, or people will use the words interchangeably. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Megapixels, megabytes, and resolution are all unique aspects of photos, and learning the difference can help improve your workflow and get you a better understanding of digital photography.

Megapixels Megabytes and Resolution

Do You Need a Model Release for Event Photography?

Photography is everywhere today, and with it comes a string of subsectors to account for. One of these sectors is the model release, which is a fundamental part of photographing legally. Knowing the contingencies attached to the photograph model release, and where they are needed, like at events, is paramount to remaining within the boundaries of the law.

Model Release for Events

What does an event photographer do anyway?

Becoming an event photographer is an exciting dream for many people. If you are the type of person that loves a variety of experiences, then you may have all the characteristics necessary to become a successful event photographer. If you are wondering what an event photographer does, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you answer that question in detail.

What does an Event Photographer Do?

Is Event Management for Me? 20 Questions to find Out.

Do you possess super-hero like organizational skills and eat stress for breakfast? Do you thrive in an ever-changing workday and comfortable working non-standard hours? Then Event Management might be a good career option for you.

Is event management a good career for me?

Why Are My Night Photos Orange/Pink?

Night photography produces some of the most eye-catching art on the planet. The way the natural and artificial light co-mingle creates a unique form that can be hard to master. Often artificial light can contaminate a photograph, especially in low light.

Night Photography

Low Light Event Photography: 5 Tips for a Successful Shoot

Photography is all about proper lighting, regardless of where and what you’re shooting. This is especially true of event photography, where you’re required to capture brief moments throughout what could be an hours-long event. For this reason, knowing how to get great shots at a low light event is an incredibly important skill to have, and some specific tips are very helpful in allowing photographers to develop this skill.

Event photography in low light

How to Share Event Photos: 5 Easy Steps

After a big event, you may have dozens or hundreds of photos, that you want to share with friends, family, coworkers, and followers. But you may be unsure of how to share those photos. It may be daunting at first, but once you know how to do it, you’ll be sharing tons of photos in no time!

Share Event Photos

How to Take Photos at a Birthday Party 25 Tricks and Tips

Taking photos at a birthday party is one of the occasions where even someone who usually does not take photographs might be called on to be the memory-catcher of the event. A birthday party is a once in a lifetime event, so you must make sure that the photos capture those special memories.

Picture of a Party

The 7 Best Camera Lenses for Event Photography

Event photography is one of the most dynamic types of professional photography. It requires photographers to adapt to all different sorts of conditions, as well as capture very precise and brief moments out of an event that can be hours long. For this reason, having the right camera lens for event photography is very important, and being a good event photographer is made much more difficult if you’re not working with the correct one. There’s much to discuss when it comes to picking the right camera lenses for event photography, so let’s get started.

Lenses for Event Photography

iPhone Camera Vs. Point And Shoot: A Brutally Honest Review

It seems like, as long as you have an iPhone in your pocket, you can claim to be an amateur photographer, but is the iPhone camera really better than a traditional point and shoot camera? In this article, we take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each camera.

Compact Camera or iPhone

10 Best Lightroom Presets for Event Photography

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful and intuitive software for event photographers of all kinds. Using its many parameters to edit and manipulate photographs can be intimidating though. Lightroom presets are downloadable, pre-adjusted parameters such as tone, hue, vibrance and contrast. With so many sliders and adjustments there is always a danger of overdoing it, so presets can be a great way to get a fine-tuned, professional look.

Lightroom Presets for Events

Can You Shoot A Wedding With A 50mm Lens?

Shooting weddings can be a stressful time for any photographer, especially ones new to the process. Often, new photographers will wonder if just a 50mm lens can make do, or if other sizes are necessary. While doing research into wedding photography and essential gear, I decided to look into this question myself.

50mm Lens for Events

What Should a Photographer Wear to an Event?

When you’re trying to decide which outfit to wear to an event as a photographer, the answer will depend on the type of event and your overall style. Fortunately, with the right information, you should be able to pick the right outfit for the day. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to go choose what to wear to your next event.

Photographer Dress Code

Why Is Event Photography Important?

All the ins and outs of event photography, why it's essential, and some of the main things to look out for when hiring an event photographer.

Importance Of Event Photography

Here is Why Mobile Photography is a Real Thing

Not all photographers have a DSLR camera. Some still use traditional cameras, while others are opting for mirrorless.  However, every photographer needs a camera that allows you to manage settings such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, right?  Perhaps not.  Recently we’ve come across a new wave of photographers—the Smartphone Photographer.

Is mobile photography a real thing? Yes. Smartphones, especially new updated versions such as the iPhone 11 Pro, have cameras with professional features. Since you can pair these cameras with good lighting to create a good quality image, this is counted as photography.


We’ll be showing those haters how you can be a photographer, while only using a smartphone and some creativity.

Mobile Photographer

6 Best Ways To Collect Wedding Photos From Your Guests

Some great methods of gathering photos are:

  • Free Photo Apps
  • Paid Photo Apps
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Polaroids
  • Gogotick

We'll be delving into the best methods, the advantages and disadvantages, and our personal favorites.

Wedding Photos from Guests

Camera Settings for Event Photography: 8 Things to Consider

Although there are many technical aspects that need to be thought about, preparation is critical.  Technical concerns include


  • Shooting Format
  • Lighting
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Lenses
  • Shooting Mode

Camera Settings for Events

How to Take Underwater Photos with Your Phone

You can take underwater photos – and videos – with your cellphone by getting a protective pouch or a hard shell case for it. Even if your phone is labeled water-resistant, it is not waterproof, so you’d need a case to keep water from getting in.

iPhone Underwater Photos

When Megapixels Matter and When They do Not: A Complete Guide

Megapixel count matters when it comes to printing or cropping photos to not lose the sharpness of the image, but they are a hindrance to quick burst photo taking. Megapixels do not matter when it comes to overall photo quality.

Importance of Megapixels

10 Skills Every Event Manager Needs and How to Develop Them

Every event manager must deal with a hundred different scenarios for organizing one event. They have to communicate with vendors, get permits from city officials, organize the tables and guest seating arrangements, and make everything memorable.

This will not be possible without a powerful and resourceful skillset. Here are the top 10 skills that every event manager must-have for success.

skills needed for successful event management

Are Disposable Cameras Allowed on Planes?

Disposable cameras are a great option for traveling, but with all of the rules about what you can and can’t take on a plane, you may wonder if you can bring them along in checked baggage or if should you avoid taking a disposable camera on board by having the photos processed before you even leave your travel destination?

Can You Bring Disposable Cameras On A Plane

Do Event Managers Travel?

Event managers are the stalwart folks who oversee corporate, networking, or entertainment events from start to finish. They are responsible for planning the entire event and making sure it goes off without a hitch. Some of their most common responsibilities include goal setting with the event holder, location selection, budget establishment, timeline and attractions at the actual event, theme, and many more. As you might imagine, this involves a fair amount of travel.

Event Manager

Should You Tip Your Event Photographer?

Should You Tip Your Event Photographer?

Do You Tip Photographers

The 15 Essential Must-Haves For Event Photography

Event photography does not provide ample opportunity for mishaps or mistakes. Forgotten gear, mismanaged time, faulty hardware, or even general distraction can end up ruining what could be the most important moments of the client’s life. That is why it is essential for event photographers to be as prepared as possible, within reason, and make sure that they can always capture the best moments possible.

Event Photography Essentials

How to Take Good Pictures of the Moon No Matter Your Device

Capturing a good photo of the moon can yield some absolutely stunning images when done correctly. However, while high-quality pictures of the moon are incredible to look at, they’re also challenging to get. To take a good photograph of the moon, you need to know what you’re doing. Luckily, your camera won’t matter too much, as long as you follow the right steps.

How to Take a Good Picture of The Moon

How to Do Photography for a Corporate Party

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur looking to start making money from your hobby, corporate events are a great opportunity. Even if you’re just trying to help a friend or colleague by using your photography skills in a way that you normally wouldn’t, there is plenty of good that can come from shooting a corporate party. But there are some essentials to know before you get started.

Corporate Event Photography

Why iPhone Photos Can Become Blurry

Since their debut back in 2007, iPhone has been a phone that was always built on simplicity while taking care of the utilities of a phone. Not only can you send messages to your friends and family and call wherever you are on the planet, but you can also take pictures on the go as well, whether it is during a road trip, a theme park, or even having lunch with friends. However, as much as we can use these features, there have been some issues recently with the iPhone’s photos that have led people to ask the following why.

Why Are My Photos Blurry

19 Ways to Display Photos at a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are great ways to celebrate extraordinary people! From singing to gifts, there are many ways to honor the guest of honor. And what better way to highlight all their achievements than through a display of pictures? Photos allow friends and family to remember and enjoy the special moments in a person’s life. A well-put-together display can not only bring back fond memories but can also be used to share those precious moments with other people.

Birthday Party

How Many Photos Are Enough?

If you’re just starting your own photography business, or you just want to shoot some events as a side gig, then you’ll run into the question “how many photos will I get?” As a photographer, this can be a hard question to answer, especially in the beginning of your career.

How Many Photos Deliver

12 Ways Event Managers Get New Clients

As you think about your event photography business what do you envision? Maybe you prefer developing relationships with event managers and counting on them to promote your business as part of their total package. You know that can work, but you would really like to have a little more control over how your services are presented. One way to get that done is by going straight to the client. To do that, you can replicate event managers’ client acquisition formula.

12 ways event managers get new clients. Here are twelve high-level methods event managers use to get their clients:

Ways Event Managers Get Clients

How To Photograph A Corporate Event: 12 Essential Tips

Photographing corporate events can be a steady source of income for any photographer. Although not as exciting or artistic as some other forms of photography, there is often ample room to take great shots and please a client.

How should you photograph a corporate event? Here are 12 essential tips:

Most Important Corporate Event Photography Tips

How to Organize a Photography Event in College

How to organize a photography event will involve logistics such as:

Determining the goal for your event
Gaining approval from the college
Establishing a team
Selecting your ticketing software

As well as basic event-planning skills such as arranging for:

Marketing and promotion
What to do during the event
Follow-up post-event

Organize Photography Event

Are All Camera Tripods the Same?

While all camera tripods will generally work with any camera type, that does not necessarily mean that all camera tripods are the same. There are a number of important factors to consider when buying a camera tripod, such as the following:

Tripod head
Tripod height

Tripods Fit All Cameras?

How to Prevent and Fix Grainy Photos

The easiest way to reduce grain is to lower your ISO setting. Some overall tips to keep in mind to reduce grain:

Lower your ISO setting
If you have to shoot at a high ISO setting, slightly overexpose the photo
Use a flash or increase the ambient light in the environment
If you are reducing grain in a photo editing software, be sure not to overcorrect to the point where an image becomes flat and lifeless

How to Fix Grainy Photos

Is Flash Required For Travel Photography?

Having flash allows a photographer to be more versatile, so for a lot of travel, it can be a great benefit to have flash. If a traveler is trying to take photographs at night, or of backlit subjects, or indoors, a flash is highly recommended.

Flash and Travel Photography

Does Zooming Reduce Picture Quality?

Digital zooming does reduce picture quality because it operates by cropping the image. This stretches a smaller number of pixels and results in lower resolution than with an optical zoom feature, which maintains a higher number of pixels and a higher overall resolution.

Zooming Pictures

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