Gogotick is our digital service designed to help individuals and companies manage their event images online.
Gogotick is by far the easiest way to manage and share images outside of social networks.
With Gogotick, you can share images and videos in an open or closed community of users who interact with each other through chat and use our voting system to rate images.
Gogotick free  is designed for individual private users who want to manage the images of their events online. 
Our paid version is designed for companies that need a powerful way to engage users with brands or each other over multiple events.
 Gogotick is free to individuals on our mobile app, which comes with a small amount of free storage space that users can recycle by closing past events. 
The storage space we provide with Gogotick free is more than enough for non-professional use. We aim to increase this free space as we move forward, and in future versions, you will be able to buy more storage if you need it.
Businesses and users of our paid Gogotick Premium service can manage multiple events and higher numbers of event guests through desktop devices. 


Some frequently asked questions

App: Gogotick offers a native App available on both iOS and Android. It is free for users and allows them to participate in the events they have been invited, or even create a non-professional one.

Web access: Gogotick’s premium services can be accessed through the web browser to manage event features.

Create private events: Users can create private events that are accessed by invitation to share images and messages in an event.

Create public events: Our customers can create public events that can be accessed by the audience they are targeting.

Share images:  Participants in a private or public event can share the images in real-time.

Carousel of shared photos: Gogotick’s services can also be accessed through the web browser to manage the different functions.

Private Chat: Event participants can chat with each other creating private groups.

Public chat: Any user of the application can chat with all participants of a public event.

Vote images: Participants of an event can click “like” one or more images so that all users know which are the most voted.

Number of users: Gogotick allows you to create events in premium services even with an unlimited number of users.

Storage: This service offers you different levels of storage even with an unlimited number of images.

Customization: If you wish, we have several ways to customize the service that adapts to your needs. Contact us.

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