Is It Worth It To Buy a Photo Printer?

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    If you want hard copies of your photos, you have three primary options: you can choose to have them printed by a retail location or online company that offers photo prints, or you can print them at home using your own photo printer. Both options have different benefits, but when is it worth it to purchase a photo printer?

    Buying a photo printer can be beneficial if you frequently print photos. Owning your own photo printer can save you the time of traveling to stores to order photo prints or waiting for online services to mail you your photos. Also, it will be a cheaper option as well in the long run.

    There are many types of photo printers available, each with different specifications and price points. When choosing your photo printer, make sure you weigh your options and purchase one that offers you the capabilities you need at a desirable price. But if you just want something cheap and fast to print your phone picture take a look at this daily sale deals on Amazon for a cheap photo printer.

    How To Print Photos

    If your goal is to print hard copies of your photos, these are the most common options available.

    • Printing Photographs Online

    The most simplistic option for printing photos is using online photo printing companies. Reputable companies, like Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Kodak all offer this service. In order to have photos printed online, you will likely need to make an account with one of these, or a similar company.

    After making your account, you will need to upload your images in the appropriate section of the site. Following your upload, you will have the option to specify the size and style of your prints. Once you have completed your process, you can finalize your purchase, make payment, and provide shipping information.  

    • Ordering Photographs for In-Store Pickup

    If you don’t desire to wait for the delivery times associated with online photo printing, you can also choose to have your photos printed at a local retailer that offers those services. While some of these retailers offer the option to submit your photos for printing through their websites, you may need to arrive in person to order your prints.

    Some stores have a sales associate guide you through the process, while others will have a digital kiosk that allows you to manage the purchase yourself. In most cases, you will be able to upload photos using a flash drive or directly from your smartphone.

    Then, you select the format that you want your photos to be printed in as well as the quantity of prints that you would like to receive. When finalizing your purchase, you will often be given the option of same-day pickup or multiple-day pickups, with same-day pickup potentially being more expensive.

    • Purchasing A Photo Printer For Convenient Printing At Home

    If you are printing photos frequently, it may be worthwhile to invest in a photo printer. A home photo printer is useful, you can customize the size of your photos by purchasing paper that matches the size you are looking for and customizing the print options using a printing application. Once you own a photo printer, using one becomes your most convenient option for photo printing, as once you have the appropriate supplies, you won’t need to make trips to the store or wait for your photos to be delivered.

    • How To Use A Photo Printer

    After purchasing a photo printer, you may be wondering how you can use it to create exceptional photos for gifts, sale, or your personal collection. The first thing you should do after buying a photo printer is purchase sizes and styles of paper that are the size and specification that you desire.

    Next, you will need to purchase ink cartridges. Make sure you know which ink cartridges are best suited for your printer before you make your purchase. Many photo printers will provide a list of recommended color cartridges that you should purchase or manufacture their cartridges that are specifically made for their printers.

    The final step is to install your paper and ink cartridges then connect your photo printer to the device you will be using to print. Now you are ready to print photos at home.

    How To Choose A Photo Printer

    If you are in the market for a photo printer, you should understand the difference between the various options that are currently on the market. There are three different types of printers available for consumers, inkjet, dye sublimation, and laser. Laser printers are not useful for photo printing; therefore, inkjet and dye sublimation are the only two categories.

    • Inkjet Vs Dye Sublimation

    Inkjet printers are the considered a more versatile means of printing photos at home for display, as they allow you to easily print in varying sizes and styles. Inkjet printers can accommodate many different paper types and styles, making it an easy choice for at-home printing. The downside of inkjet printers is that they are prone to clogging when not in use, and the ink can be significantly expensive.

    Dye sublimation printers also have several distinct advantages that make them appropriate for certain situations, such as on-location printing. On-location printing implies that you will be printing at an event, such as a wedding or party.

    These printers offer ink and paper in sets, allowing users to quickly calculate the cost-to-print, allowing them to sell their photo prints more cost-effectively. These sets also mean that your paper and ink will likely run out simultaneously; therefore, you can easily track when replacement supplies are needed. Dye sublimation printers are known to have acceptable image quality and printing speed, but inkjet printers are a more reliable technology if you prioritize image quality.

    • Print Size

    Before purchasing your printer, you should understand what size of photo you are most likely to be printing. The print size of your printer will be it’s foremost limitation, as it cannot be changed during the lifetime of the product.

    Therefore, you should weigh your needs against your budget and make the best decision possible. Potential print size for printers may range from 13 inches to beyond 24 inches, allowing for significant variance in photo format. While a 13-inch printer may be fine for a casual user, professional photographers may wish to invest in a larger printer.

    • Inks and Colors

    Your printer of choice will be limited in the number of colors that it can reproduce. The type of inks that your printer takes will determine how accurate the colors in your photo prints will be and how long the color will hold up.

    Most printers stick to a simple four-color setup that allows them to create most colors that we are used to seeing in life, but professional photo printers use more colors to create richer, more vibrant images. Determine if the price point on professional printers fit your budget and decide how important color is to you when making your decision.

    • Photo Printer Sizes

    Not all photo printers sit on a tabletop or desk. Some photo printers are small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to quickly produce photos that you can share with people, much like the Polaroid cameras that were popular in the past. Other photo printers are larger than can be carried and are designed to produce large images for specialty purposes.

    Portable photo printer for events

    Having a printer for your event photos is really useful. Think about how convenient it is once the event photos are taken to be able to offer your guests the photos on the spot. It’s amazing! And everyone will thank you, it will be an unforgettable event.

    So if you are an event photographer, or have organized an event, whether it is a professional event or simply a birthday or company party. Consider buying a portable photo printer, it will be a great investment with a high return to the form of guest satisfaction and even economical if you sell the photos at the event itself at a moderate price.

    These are the best portable event printers you will find on Amazon, take a look.

    Photography is a massive industry, and the tools for home printing are extensive, make sure you understand your options if your goal is to purchase a photo printer for personal or professional use. Remember that printer size, ink and color options, and cost should be reviewed extensively before making your decision.



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