What Should a Photographer Wear to an Event?

One of the perks of being a photographer is that you get to attend many events. The best part is there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to what you can wear if you dress respectfully. You cannot forget that it’s a professional setting. Therefore, you should wear something that paints you in the best light.

So, what should a photographer wear to an event? Depending on the event you’ve
been hired for, you can choose either a casual or formal outfit. However, the outfit you chose should be practical and professional. You want to choose attire you can move freely in that makes you look professional.

When you’re trying to decide which outfit to wear to an event as a photographer, the answer will depend on the type of event and your overall style. Fortunately, with the right information, you should be able to pick the right outfit for the day. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to go choose what to wear to your next event.

What Should a Photographer Wear to an Event?

Most photographers decide what to wear to an event by considering the type of event it is. For instance, if they’ve been hired to take wedding photos, they’ll wear a dress or a suit to match the event. Some photographers, on the other hand, don’t put much thought into what they wear because there is no formal rule about dress code.

So which approach is better? While there are no official dress code rules for photographers, there is certain dress code etiquette you should have in mind when choosing an outfit for an event.

Pick an Outfit that Screams Professional

Whether you’ve been hired to take photos at a wedding or a kids’ party, your priority should be to choose an outfit that makes you look professional. Dress like you’re going to meet your next biggest client. A professional outfit not only boosts your confidence but also puts the guests at ease.

Not to mention, you’re more likely to get job offers from the event if you’re dressed the part because people will take you more seriously. But what exactly constitutes professional attire? Here are some tips to help you decide.

  1. Don’t Steal the Show

When you’re picking an outfit for an event,you have to remember that a
photographer’s job is to stay in the background. Therefore, you should choose
an outfit that doesn’t make you the center of attention.
Avoid going for
statement jewelry, over the top outfits, overly bright colors and anything that
will draw too much attention. (Source: Evira Gallery)

Instead, go for laid back outfits. Choose darker colors instead of bright ones and stay away from too much print!

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Shoes

As a photographer, one of your top priorities should be the type of shoes to wear to the event. Remember, you’ll be required to stand throughout the event to capture the best memories. For this reason, you need to choose a pair of shoes that’s comfortable.

When you’re choosing your shoes, consider:

  • The type of terrain or flooring you should expect at the venue
  • The weather
  • How long the event will last

For the cold season, you can wear black leather boots, and black leather shoes are perfect for the warmer seasons. Dressy black leather sneakers are perfect for outdoor photo shoots in venues where many outdoor elements could interfere with your movements.

You may have noticed a theme – black shoes are a staple for a photographer because the color is classy, and it matches most everything

  1. Modesty is Key

When choosing an outfit for an event, you also have to remember to be modest. Photographers have to maneuver a lot to get the perfect shot. You’ll need to go on your knees, bend in awkward ways, and sometimes lie on the ground to get the best shot.

Therefore, you need clothing that’s not too revealing. For female
photographers, this means staying away from short skirts, low cut tops, and
anything that could easily cause you to have a wardrobe malfunction.

For guys, ensure your trousers are well secured on your waist with a belt and always wear long t-shirts to cover up. (Source: Digital Photography).

  • Consult the Client

If you’re not sure what to wear to the event, it’s always a good idea to consult the client. Find out if there is a dress code for the event and if there are any outfits you should avoid. This is an excellent idea if you’re covering a shot for a themed party.

The last thing you want is to show up at a black and white themed event in a red outfit or a color that draws too much attention to you. Therefore, even as you consider the tips mentioned above, always consult your client to know what they expect.

Avoid Colors that May Affect Your Results

The outfit you choose will not only affect how your client and other potential
clients see you but may also affect your shooting results.One of the colors you should avoid is white. Because the color white reflects light, you may find that you are a walking reflector, especially when you’re shooting in harsh sunlight. This will affect the quality of your pictures. Therefore, always choose colors that won’t
interfere with your results. (Source: Sleeklens)

Don’t Forget About Your Brand

Because the event is a professional setting, you should also consider choosing an outfit that builds brand awareness. Suzi Pratt of Digital Photography suggests adding your business logo to an all-black outfit. Doing this allows other potential clients to identify you quickly and makes you appear professional.

Another way to add a personal touch to your outfit is to wear muted jewelry, pins, or other unique items that can be attached to your brand. However, remember not to go over the top or dress in colors that may end up drawing too much attention to you.

Outfit Recommendations for Professional Photographers

The best formal outfit for a male photographer is a formal shirt and comfortable slacks. This type of outfit makes it easy for you to move around. You can pair it with a pair of comfortable black or brown leather shoes. Go for well-fitting clothes that make you look professional and avoid baggy clothes at all costs. For casual events, consider jeans and a V-neck t-shirt in a solid color.

For ladies, it’s best to wear trousers instead of dresses and skirts because of the excessive movement involved in photography. Consider wearing well-fitting trousers and a comfortable blouse that offers excellent coverage. You can pair these with a blazer or cardigan to complete the look. For the shoes, choose dark-colored flat shoes in the warmer seasons, and opt for leather boots in the colder season. Avoid high heels and any other shoes that may restrict your movements.

Now Go

As you can see, many factors come to play when you’re considering outfits for a photography gig. When choosing your outfit, your priority should be picking attire that makes you look professional. Also, remember not to dress in anything that makes you stand out because your job is more in the background. And when in doubt, ask your client what dress code they’d prefer you to stick to.

Because this is a professional setting, you should look for ways to get your brand out there and get more clients. You can do so by adding personal touches like logos to your outfits.

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